Team Management

Jasper is great alone, and even better when used with your team.

Add team members

  • Click on the gear icon on the bottom of the side navbar and open up the Team tab.
  • Copy your unique link.
  • Share this link with your trusted team members to allow them to join your account.
  • When another user clicks it, they will be added to your workspace

Team management screenshot

Remove team members

Only admins on the account will have the capacity to delete team members. What you'll want to do is ask the admin on the account to delete the member. If you are the admin:

  • Navigate to the team tab
  • Click the trashcan icon next to their name to delete the member's email from the account.
  • Send us a message in the app or at to let us know you would like the member seat removed from your subscription.


  • Only admins are allowed to view or modify account, team and billing settings. By default the account creator is the only admin.
  • Currently, all content created in an account is visible/editable for all members. When you invite a team member to your account, they will be able to see the content you are producing.

Per user billing


  • 10 users included
  • Add up to 10 total users (including yourself) at no additional cost.

Boss Mode

  • 1 user included (This means the sole email that signs up for the account is able to use the account)
  • Up to 10 additional users
  • Additional team members share the overall plan credits with the Admin
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