Templates Step-By-Step Walkthrough

Let's walkthrough how to use a template!

As an example we are going to walk through using the AIDA template.

Inside the AIDA Framework Template, you'll see fields for Company/Product name, Product Description, and Tone of Voice.

Think of these labels as suggestions. Sure you can put a company or product name in here and that will work great, but you could also input the name of a service or the title of a blog post you're promoting or whatever "thing" you want to write about.

In the description, describe what you want Jasper to write about. Often times one or 2 sentences will be enough, but if you want Jasper to include specific facts about your offer, be sure to include those in there so Jasper can pull it into the output.

For example, let's use this template to help sell a Pokemon card.

I'll enter the following details in the left-hand input sections.

Company/Product Name: Charizard Pokemon Card

Product Description: It's a nice Pokemon Card.

Tone of voice: (leave blank for now)

Number of outputs to generate: 1

Hit Generate to have Jasper write.

Jasper AIDA Output Pokemon

In this example, I intentionally didn't write much for the input, yet Jasper has written a lot of really interesting copy. How?

Because Jasper knows a lot about Pokemon already. He knows who Charizard is and likely knows about every Pokemon card. See that he mentions Mewtwo and Pikachu in the desire section.

I'll still want to fact-check this output to see if the details are true (Does Charizard's fire-type attack really do 50 damage?), but the content is pretty solid out of the gate.

But let's say we want Jasper to include some of the following details in his output:

  • 1st edition
  • holographic
  • Mint condition
  • Located in Kansas City
  • Free shipping worldwide

We can simply add those to the inputs and Jasper will try to include them.

Attention: Do you want to be the coolest kid on your block?

Interest: This is a 1st Edition Holographic Charizard Pokemon Card - Mint Condition. It's in mint condition and has been professionally graded by Beckett Grading Services, Inc. The card is from 1999 and was printed in Japan.

Desire: You'll never have to worry about not being able to play with this card because it's holographic! If you're looking for a great gift for someone who loves Pokémon or just wants something cool, this is the perfect choice. We also offer free shipping worldwide so there are no worries when ordering from our shop in Kansas City!

Action: Click here now if you want to buy this amazing Pokemon card today!

After adding those details, you can see Jasper included nearly all of those facts in great copy. This highlights a core principle of Jasper:

Your input dramatically impacts your output.

Whatever you input, will always impact your outputs. If you want Jasper to get creative and make a lot of stuff up, try inputting a few words or a short sentence. If you want Jasper to really follow directions and include key facts then you'll want to add a lot more detail into the input boxes.

If I really wanted Jasper to include the reference to Kansas City, I could generate a few more outputs until he included it, or I could just edit the output myself to add Kansas City.

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