Training Data

Let's discuss what Jasper knows and what you can expect of him as he generates content for you!

The underlying AI model that powers Jasper was trained by reading about 10% of the published internet, with the goal of understanding how people write. Jasper has read millions of blog posts, Reddit threads, websites, newspapers, and more. This gives Jasper an unbelievable grasp of imitating human language and creating content most find exceptional.

The base training was completed at the end of 2019. That means Jasper doesn't know about current events from January 2020 and beyond. Jasper doesn't know COVID-19 happened.

This is the point some will say, "Jasper can't help me then! I write topics that are new since 2019!"

While Jasper may not know about COVID-19 or that the Lakers won the 2020 NBA Championship, he does know vast amounts about coronaviruses, pandemics, Wuhan, SARS, Lebron James, Basketball, The Lakers, and NBA. By feeding Jasper updated information about the topic you're writing about, you'll see Jasper can typically do a great job of writing about it.

For example, if I wanted Jasper to write about COVID-19, I would include up-to-date information in the content description.

Write an article about how to stop the spread of Covid-19. Coronivirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronovirus. Most people infected with the COVID-19 virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment.

If I wanted to write about the Lakers winning the 2020 NBA championship I would provide information like this.

Write a blog post celebrating the Lakers winning the 2020 NBA Championship with Lebron James and Anthony Davis at the helm. The Lakers defeated the Eastern Conference champion Miami Heat, 4-2, winning their first NBA chamopionship in ten years. It was the franchise's 17th title, tying the Boston Celtics for the most in history. Lebron won the MVP for the 4th time in his career.

As with all text Jasper writes, it's likely that he will still make up some facts that you'll want to correct, but seeding him with correct information will greatly increase the chances of him writing true information.

Keep in mind that the content description should be changed throughout the writing of a document. Because what is in the content description impacts the content Jasper writes each time you hit compose, Jasper will tend to repeat that information over and over if you don't update the content description box.

Rather, you should think of the content description box inside a document as the information you want Jasper to use each time he composes text. You could be updating that for each paragraph of a document you're writing.

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