What Jasper Sees

Because what you input to Jasper has a huge impact on what Jasper outputs, it's very important to have an understanding of what text Jasper can "see" at the time you generate content.

Boss Mode

If you are on the Boss Mode plan, Jasper pulls in 2,000 - 3,000 characters above where you are writing plus the Title, Content description, and Keywords (unless you have any of these toggled off).

This increase in input amount leads Jasper to write much higher quality content because he has more context for what has already been written, and can better predict great content to write next.

Back to the previous example, if you are writing at the bottom of the document as before, with this increased vision, Jasper CAN now see all the way up to the intro paragraph.

Boss mode jarvis lookback

Using the *** Shortcode

By placing 3 asterisks in your document content, you will prevent Jasper from seeing any text above that point. This is particularly helpful if Jasper is repeating content, or you just want to switch topics entirely.

This does not prevent Jasper from seeing the content in the sidebar.

Action Items:

  • Try generating content with the title and content description toggled on and then toggled off to compare the results.
  • Toggle off everything in the sidebar, then type *** on the line directly above your cursor in the document and click Compose. This cuts off Jasper from seeing anything at all and you should see Jasper write something random and off-topic.
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