Editor Modes

Documents have 2 additional "modes" you can use for added functionality.

Power Mode

Power mode gives you access to all of the templates in a drawer right inside of your document.

To open, click the Power mode icon in the center of the top bar of a document.

SEO Mode

Seo mode screenshot

For writing articles to rank on Google, we highly recommend the Surfer SEO integration. This integration will also allow you to optimize your writing for specific keywords you want to include. Please read the full guide on how to turn it on here.

Surfer is a great tool to help inform you on best enhancing your writing for SEO purposes. It will tell you what your headings should include, what keywords to include, how many words you should be writing, how many paragraphs you will need to see your content score increase.

Action Item:

  • Open Power Mode and try using the Marketing Angles template to come up with promotion ideas for the document you have open.